Candy Posing Pouch

There are some products which simply can't help putting a smile on your face - in more ways than one! Stand up (ahem!) the Candy Posing Pouch! Not dissimilar in nature to the female version - the Candy G-String, in a nutshell the Candy Posing Pouch is an edible pair of pants, meaning that now, you and your good lady can have edible underwear to match and do with them as you so wish!

If you're still at a loss as to what we are talking about and can't work it out from the (pretty graphic) picture above, then think of the posing pouch as a version of those candy necklaces that you used to buy as a child - but strictly for adults and to be worn in a completely different place! Perfect for if the missus has a sweet tooth or gets peckish during a bit of 'how's your father', they quite literally are pouches made of sweets, for posers!


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WAS  £5.99

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