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The Mad Hatter Halloween and Horror Shop is an attraction in itself and visited by customers from all over the country. We are one of the UK's largest suppliers of professional spine chilling horror props, creepy and scary Halloween decorations. In fact we have everything you'll need for Halloween. If you are looking for large scary Halloween props that move, then take a look at our Halloween Animatronics range where you will find life-size zombies, animated monsters, evil clowns, terrifying grim reapers and scary witches.

You will get plenty of Halloween decorating ideas by browsing our Halloween Online shop. Scene setters create an instant Halloween Scene and you can choose from having a terrifying zombie family on your wall to transforming your room into a creepy gothic mansion. You can add animation and movement to your Halloween decorations with our hanging spinning motor. Connect a creepy plastic Spider to our Halloween dropping mechanism and give someone the fright of their lives this Halloween. Decorate your Halloween party table with our dripping blood tablecloth and skeleton hand wine glasses. Add some of our gory fake body parts such as cut off fingers, severed hand and foot, zombie limbs and brain. We have a gruesome selection of cut off head Halloween props to make the blood run cold. Included in our amazing selection of scary creatures are giant spiders, realistic snakes and animated bats. Of course if you are going to a Halloween Party, then you need a Halloween Costume and we have hundreds of spooky costumes, terrifying Halloween Masks and gory Make-up to choose from.