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70's - 80's Costumes

If you can remember the 70's and 80's then you can remember the music of T Rex,Rod Stewart,The Bee Gees,Rolling Stones,Abba,The Police and Soul Music from The Jackson Five,Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin. Programmes such as Dukes of Hazard,Wonder Woman,Six Million Dollar Man,Dallas,Dynasty and Fame were on our T.V. screens. The fashion of the 70's was Flared Trousers,Platform Shoes,Feather Boas and Shirts with big collars.The 80's fashion was Shiny Lycra,Skintight Trousers,Sequin Boobtubes,Rara Skirts,Big Hair,Big Make-up,Big Shoulder-pads and White Socks with Stilletos...and that was just the boys!!! If you are going to a 70's-80's party then you will find plenty of costumes to inspire you here.